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Mass Customized Learning

Bringing Education Into the 21st Century


FAQ:  Why Mass Customized Learning?

Answer:  If you knew there was a better way to teach and learn, wouldn't you be obligated to leave an old system for a new one?  We reject that students have to be seating neatly in rows and all following along with the teacher doing the same thing and at the same time.  We also don't believe the knowledge is transferred from teacher to student through lecture.  What we know about kids is that they are all different.  They learn at different rates and have different interests.  We also know the technology is a tool to be strategically and systematically incorporated into learning.  We also know and accept that nothing will replace a well knowledeable, dedicated teacher who is focused on building relationships with students.


FAQ:  How does technology drive curriculum?

Answer:  Technology is a tool to enhance instruction and not a replacement for instruction.  If you can utilize a cell phone to communicate and track your students through his/her day, you should certainly be able to track a student's progress through a 13 year learning cycle.  Technology also helps us to communicate and be transparent with all stakeholders on school progress.


FAQ:  How is the role of teacher changing?

Answer:  The simple answer is that students no longer sit and get!  The teacher is a faciliator and not the catalyst for all learning.  In the past we needed to attend class and wait for the teacher to tell us what to do and what is next.  Student need to be in charge of their learning with help from their parents and teacher facilitators.  We teach real world problem solving to students who need to transform their knowledge into an ability to solve real world situations.