Superintendent's Message

Welcome back to another school year within the Gayville-Volin School District.  As with most years, there are some subtle changes to enhance the learning experience.

We have three new teachers to the district this year.  Helen Kourdi will be joining our staff in the Middle School.  She has expertise and certification in English and comes to us from the Yankton Middle School.  Morgan Frick will assist in a Reading and Math role as she serves our Title I population.  Ms. Frick taught in Arizona and is a native of Yankton. Ben Morrison will join the Special Education department serving our middle and high school students.  He previously taught in Bon Homme and also spent time working in the State Department of Education.

Back to School Night is August 13th from 5 – 7 p.m.  We encourage you all to make time to come, tour the school, meet, and become acquainted with your son(s) / daughter(s) learning facilitators.  We believe that communication is a vital component to success, please feel free to contact the school at any time with questions or concerns.  We will do whatever is possible to make sure that each learner has a good educational experience within the district.  Keeping in contact with your learner’s teachers and coaches is a good first step, but if at any point you feel you need to contact me, or another administrator please feel free to do so.

During our open house on the 13th, I encourage you to find time to visit the industrial technology buildings on the south side of the Gayville-Volin campus.  Mr. Wuebben has been active in providing real-world career and technical education experiences for our older students.  You will be amazed at the options available to our learners.

Academically, our focus will continue to be on learners as individuals.  Social, emotional, and physical well-being has so much to do with a learner’s academic success and we hope to continue to expand our educational focus to include all those areas.  All learners are different, and we are committed to customization of the educational experience.  What this means is that we are focused on education from the individual standpoint and not the large group.  As a child develops, we aim to meet that child where they are at, and this is different for every child.  This will require things to look and feel a little different. If you ever have questions, please use the above information on this letter to contact me personally.                 


Jason W. Selchert, Ed. S.


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