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Superintendent's Message


Welcome to the Gayville-Volin School District,

We are a small, rural public school system dedicated to service.

We are creating tomorrow’s leaders. Our well-educated and passionate staff will nurture your child through a high-quality, comprehensive education. Fifty-percent of our staff possess degrees of higher learning and 100% of our teaching staff are highly qualified in the area in which they teach.

Our mission of : Empowering all students to enter the global community as productive citizens, drive our daily instruction.

We put students first and support them to their full promise and potential. Every student is an individual and we embrace the idea of individualized instruction through mass customized learning.

We offer a variety of programs, including Full-Day Kindergarten, Pre-K3 and 4, advanced and college placement class as well as 100% access to career and college preparatory class offerings.

We also encourage you to take a tour of our school and see firsthand how we challenge and engage our students through standards based curriculum and highly-qualified, passionate teachers.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. 

Jason W. Selchert, Ed. S.
Superintendent of Schools
Gayville-Volin School District

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Gayville-Volin News

Jeremiah Dibley

Gayville-Volin students--young and old--got their hands dirty planting 70 trees north of the school.  Several high school students, teachers, and community members volunteered on an October Saturday morning to plant most of the trees.  Elementary and middle school students finished the job on the following Enrichment Monday. These trees and future plantings will serve as an outdoor classroom, community walking trail, and disc golf course to be used for years to come!